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Phone frameUpload your videosLet our AI do the exercise breakdownAdd your audio instructionsCreate full-length workouts in minutes
Upload your videos
Use our app to upload or record your videos showcasing a few reps for each exercise
Let our AI do the exercise breakdown
Our proprietary technology turns your raw videos into a reusable exercise library
Add your audio instructions
Record or write instructions that can prepare, guide or motivate your clients
Create full-length workouts in minutes
Use the exercises from your library to create limitless video workouts

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Share your video content on any channel or format

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Share your fitness videos instantly on social media
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Publish your full-length video workouts on your own website
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Let your clients enjoy a great training experience in a dedicated app
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Publish using our public API

Deliver fitness content in any type of apps or digital products

Available for teams
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Create as a team

Enroll your team to collaborate and create content at scale

Available for teams
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Trusted by thousands

Hundreds of hours of quality fitness video content created


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