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Step 1
Record key moves
Use our app to record a short video with only a few reps for each exercise.
Our AI automatically breaks down the video into individual exercises
Step 2
Create the workout
Use the exercises you just recorded to put together a workout
Our app automatically augments your workout for the powerful Player app
Step 3
Your workout is ready!
Clients enjoy your workout anytime and anywhere on our free Club app

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More time for new clients
Create full length video workouts in minutes without any video editing skills.
Get access to our library
Use the exercises recoded by our trainers if you don’t have time to do it yourself.
Reuse everything you record
Reuse your recorded exercises and create unlimited variations of workouts.
Quality voice overs from text
Motivate and guide your clients during a workout with personalised voice overs.

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Both you and your clients get a world class experience

For trainers
Record exercises and create quality video workouts without any video editing skills
For clients
Enjoy the best training experience powered by the workouts of your favourite trainers
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For trainers
Record exercises and create quality video workouts without any video editing skills
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Free workouts created by our hero trainers using our Studio app

Total HyperBody Workout
27 min
The body achieves what the mind believes.
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My clients are amazed by my new premium video workouts and it’s easier for them to follow my guidance.
Flavius Predoi
Karate World Champion & Fitness Trainer

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Becoming the go-to product for fitness trainers and fitness fans

Hyperhuman is a digital publishing and content monetization platform for the fitness industry that uses proprietary AI technology. The startup is founded by ex-Fitbit product leaders around a great team of AI technology experts and former professional athletes.

We are backed by leading CEE tech investment funds in our mission to enable trainers expand online and earn more money by creating quality video content and allow fitness fans all over the world enjoy this premium content anytime and anywhere on our free Club app.

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