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Discover the complete list of features available on Hyperhuman

Upload exercise videos to create your library
Record exercises to create your library
Your private library
Add exercise details to organize your library based on your needs
Audio guidance for on demand workouts
Create an on-demand workout in minutes
Edit the visibility of your content
Reshuffle workouts by duplicating or replacing exercises
Create sets, supersets, circuits or workout templates
Getting feedback on your content
Add a recommended Spotify, Youtube, Apple, or Amazon music playlist to your workouts
Create and publish micro workouts on social media
Free training app for your audience is included
Download a workout as a video file
Publish a workout on your Wix.com website
Export workouts as PDF
Your Hyperhuman Public profile
Social media teasers of your on-demand workouts
Shared library of team exercises
Shared library of team workouts
Your team’s stats
The creators in your team
Team branding
Hyperhuman API