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Upload exercise videos to create your library

Upload you videos and let us transform them into reusable smart video blocks. You can add multiple videos to your upload.

Our AI detects the key moves from your videos and seamlessly edits them into an exercises library. You can label and customize them in order to easily navigate your library.

Record exercises to create your library

Recording with our app is supersimple. Just follow the steps described when tapping on Record exercises to ensure a great quality of your videos.

You only need to perform 3 repetitions for each exercise in a go without worrying about the down times in between.

Your own library and access to 450 stock exercise videos

After submitting an upload or recording you get back a breakdown of all exercises detected in the video. These exercises are now ready to be shared on social media or used in full-length workout videos.

While reviewing, make sure you add in as much details as possible besides the exercise name and at least 1 muscle group. This will help later to instantly filter & find the needed exercise while creating workouts.

We also offer 450+ stock exercise videos to help you get started.

Add exercise details to organize your library

Tapping on Edit in your Personal Exercises folder enables editing the details of an exercise. Disabling Play in loop for exercises will freeze the exercise at the end when the duration set during the workout is longer than the exercise duration. This is well suited for stretches or asanas that are non-repetitive.

Add audio guidance in Instructions on how to best perform your exercises for an ultimate training experience.

Audio guidance for on demand workouts

Audio guidance works as text-to-speech or by adding your own voice in Studio. You can add personalized voice-over audio messages at the start and end of your workout & also as instructions to exercises in exercise details.

Use them to motivate, guide and celebrate your clients.

Create an on-demand workout in minutes

What took hours of recording and editing a full-length workout video now takes literally minutes.

Just drag & drop exercises or exercise collections from the library, add in the reps or duration, select or add in audio and your workout is ready to be published everywhere.

You can customize further the type & audience for the workout and also set the workout visibility.

Not finishing the creation of a workout is not an issue. It is ok to tap the Back button during workout creation as we will save your workout as a draft and you can continue anytime where you left off.

Edit the visibility of your content

In the last step of creating a workout you can set the workout visibility. Make it publicly available on the Hyperhuman platform or just private for you to share anywhere you want.

Setting a workout as public means it will be displayed on your Hyperhuman profile page. We are promoting Public workouts to audiences within the Hyperhuman Club app and on our social channels in order to get you more clients.

Keep in mind that only Public workouts can be shared on Wix.com webpages.

Reshuffle workouts by duplicating or replacing exercises

You can easily design new workouts out of your existing ones. Just swipe left on a workout from the list and tap Duplicate.

Furthermore, swiping left on an exercise within the workout list you can easily replace the exercise with a new one.

Create sets, supersets, circuits or workout templates

Customize your workouts further by creating sets, supersets, HIIT, circuits a lot easier now with Exercise Collections. Create group templates like Warmup or Cooldown & add them in no time to your workouts.

Exercise collections allows you to also create micro workouts. Just stitch some exercises together and share them instantly on social media. Turn your awesome content into a lead magnet by adding filters on your desired social platform.

Offer plans with different goals

Group multiple workouts based on desired client outcomes and goals.

You can then share or publish your plans anywhere using a magic link or via the API.

Getting feedback on your content

You are able to see the main metrics for a workout in workout details. You can dive deeper into understanding the feedback by tapping on See all stats. Remember that we are only able to feature feedback from the clients that train on the Hyperhuman Club app, so share the workout link with them.

Make sure to enable the notifications as you’ll see in the Notification Center whenever someone finishes the workout and adds feedback.

Add a recommended Spotify, Youtube, Apple, or Amazon music playlist to your workouts

Break the workout routine by playing a recommended Spotify, Youtube, Apple, or Amazon music playlist provided by your trainer for each of your workouts.

Bringing your workouts to life!

Create and publish micro workouts on social media

Go in Exercise Collection and merge together some exercises. You can use your new collection to instantly post a micro workout on social media.

Your new collection can be added even into your new workout. Just edit the reps or exercise duration for a world-class on-demand training experience.

Free training app for your audience is included

The best way to enjoy your great workouts is our Free dedicated app, Hyperhuman Club.

It offers a world-class follow along training experience. It will soon feature also a whiteboard format which is suited best for gym trainings.

As opposed to posting the workout videos on other platforms, Hyperhuman Club is interactive and offers additionally great features like tracking user progress and getting feedback on your content.

Share the workout magic link so that your audiences enjoy a world-class experience in Hyperhuman Club.

Download a workout as a video file

Your content everywhere.

Additionally to training via our free app Hyperhuman Club your audience can enjoy your great content on any platform. The workout videos you create can be downloaded as video files from workout details and then published on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Tiktok or your own website or app.

Publish a workout on your Wix.com website

Our Hyperhuman Studio widget for Wix allows you to publish your full-length workout videos with dynamic timers, text overlays and audio guidance directly on your Wix website.

This means that your awesome content can be consumed directly from your Wix website. Just search for the Hyperhuman app in the Wix App Market and follow the steps. See more info here.

Export workouts as PDF

Share your workouts to your clients in PDF format. This makes your content more accessible for your "offline" clients.

Your Hyperhuman Public profile

You get your own presentation page in Hyperhuman after creating an account. This should easily boost your online presence by showcasing your skills and your world-class content. 

Go to Profile and add your details to the page. Then share it with your audience to onboard new clients. 

Set Public visibility to your workouts that you want to feature on your page.

Social media teasers of your on-demand workouts

Every time you create a workout you get an up-to-10-seconds-long video summary labeled as Preview. Tapping on Preview will download this video file on your device. You are now able to post this video on any social media platform.

Shared library of team exercises

Hyperhuman Studio for Teams enables your team to create a shared video library of exercises in hours instead of months.

Any team member can upload the exercise videos from his smartphone or record directly within the app. Once they review the exercise breakdown received from our AI, they just need to set Library: Team to each exercise.

Shared library of team workouts

Any team member can start using the exercises from the shared library to create workouts. Setting Library: Team when creating workouts will enable the entire team to share or export any workout from the team roster.

Your team’s stats

As a Team Owner, you get a content dashboard where you can check the most important content metrics for your team.

Soon to come is the ability to export very detailed reports of all activities within your team.

The creators in your team

You can easily add or remove members from your team. Once they are added, team members can accept the invitation to join the team. Your team members and collaborators get access to Hyperhuman Studio web & mobile once they accept the invite.

Team members that you want to remove will lose all access to the team content and will no longer be able to create new one.

Full Branding

Personalize your content with various assets that sets your organization branding apart. Add watermarks for your videos, your logo and more. You branding will be visible across all platforms, on web and mobile.

Track clients & send them content

Track clients and help them build a healthy routine. Access to key information like their ratings, perceived difficulty, last started and last completed workout.

Instant content sharing capability (send workouts or plans) in the dedicated app for your clients called Health & Fitness Club. More details about the free client app at: https://hyperhuman.cc/club

Hyperhuman API

The API allows your business to either publish their own content or access a constant feed of curated content from a global network of fitness creators and instantly deliver it in their own app.

Our API closes the gap between content creation and delivery. With the Hyperhuman API, organizations can offer interactive on-demand fitness experiences in their own apps or digital products. Our goal is to make this a plug & play process and get you started with only a few lines of code.

Get started today: https://team.hyperhuman.cc/create-account