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Let your clients enjoy a world-class training experience in a brandable app

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Created on Hyperhuman

Some of the full-length video workouts created by our clients

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How it works

We made things super easy for you and your clients

Phone frameSend the workout or plan linkClients start a workoutClients enjoy a fun workout experienceClients send their feedback
Step 1
Send the workout or plan link
Your clients receive the workouts or plans via a simple link
Step 2
Clients start a workout
Each workout has audio guidance and optional music playlists
Step 3
Clients enjoy a fun workout experience
They follow the exercises and audio guidance during the workout
Step 4
Clients send their feedback
You receive insights about how the workout was so you can tweak if necessary

Benefits for your clients

Time to crush fitness goals and have fun while doing it 🚀

FAQs Club

Some of the things your clients should know

Can I whitelabel this app and offer it to my clients under my own brand?
How much does the Club app cost?
How do clients receive my workouts or plans?