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Create full-length video workouts in minutes with no editing skills

We help fitness trainers, yoga instructors, sports coaches, physiotherapists, wellness professionals create video content for their clients in minutes.

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1. Upload a video
Add a video of yourself executing exercises and we will break it down automatically into reusable clips.
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2. Enter an email
We will send you an email when we finished proccesing the video so you can see the result in our Studio app.
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Step 1. Create in our app

We offer the fastest way to create quality workouts in Hyperhuman Studio

Phone frameUpload your own exercise videosLet our AI do the video editingAdd your own audio instructionsCreate full-length workouts in minutes
Hyperhuman Studio app
Upload your own exercise videos
Use our app to upload or record your videos with only 3 reps for each exercise.
Let our AI do the video editing
Our AI automatically edits the videos for you. Relax, go for a walk or have a snack.
Add your own audio instructions
Write up to 3 instructions that can prepare, guide or motivate your clients.
Create full-length workouts in minutes
Use the exercises we just edited for you to put together unlimited number of workouts.

Step 2. Distribute anywhere

Send or showcase your workouts anywhere you want

On social media channels
Export preview videos of your workouts and put them on any social media platform for your followers
On your personal pages
Export your workouts as full-length videos and upload them on your own website
On Hyperhuman Club app
Distribute your workouts in the most interactive way possible on our FREE app dedicated to trainees
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Get the help you need to improve your workflow

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