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Turnkey content production and delivery solution for health & fitness

Create & offer on-demand fitness and workout videos fast, easily, and affordably with the power of AI.

Trusted by 100+ businesses and 4000+ fitness creators on 3 continents

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Create limitless fitness content from existing videos

Minimize your costs and effort of creating video content at scale
Increase diversity and personalization with our smart video blocks system
Boost efficiency by onboarding your team, partners and collaborators
Instant publishing in any format and on any platform

Created with Hyperhuman

Some of the full-length video workouts created by our clients

Create in minutes

Video workouts with audio voiceovers, timers and dynamic text overlays

Phone frameUpload your videosLet our AI do the exercise breakdownAdd your audio instructionsCreate full-length workouts in minutes
Upload your videos
Use our app to upload or record your videos showcasing a few reps for each exercise
Let our AI do the exercise breakdown
Our proprietary technology turns your raw videos into a reusable exercise library
Add your audio instructions
Record or write instructions that can prepare, guide or motivate your clients
Create full-length workouts in minutes
Use the exercises from your library to create limitless video workouts

Omnichannel delivery

Share your on-demand video content on any channel and format

On social media
Share your fitness videos instantly on social media, Youtube or others
On your website
Publish your full-length video workouts on your own website
In the FREE app for clients
Let your clients enjoy a great training experience in a brandable app

Publish using our public API

On-demand fitness offered instantly in any type of apps or digital products

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Case studies

Meet some of our clients and their story with Hyperhuman

Meet our partners

Time to elevate your on-demand fitness content

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