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Whitelabeled Training App

About the App

The whitelabeled training app is based on our Health & Fitness Club app, the ultimate fitness experience for your clients.

Whitelabeling allows you to enhance your brand, offering a personalized fitness experience and boosting member engagement, creating a unique and cohesive fitness environment.

1. Whitelabel Option Availability

The whitelabel option is exclusively available with a Mastery Plan, Elite Plan, Legend Plan or Custom Plan subscription on a yearly renewal cycle. Please contact our sales team at business@hyperhuman.cc for further details.

2. Setup Fees

Initial setup fees are applicable for app customization and integration. Payment is required before commencing development work.

3. Delivery Scope

The delivery scope includes app publishing and basic customization. Additional features or extensive modifications may incur additional charges.

4. Duration of Delivery

Estimated delivery timelines are subject to project complexity. Unforeseen delays may occur, but we strive for timely delivery.

5. Liability

While efforts are made for platform stability, we are not liable for unforeseen issues or disruptions caused by third-party integrations or external factors.

6. Change Requests and Customization Options

Beyond the initial scope, change requests and advanced customization are billed separately. A detailed quote will precede any additional work. The included customization options are: App Name, Logo, Color Scheme (primary and secondary colors).

7. Apple Store and Google Play Publishing

Publishing on Apple Store and Google Play under our publisher accounts is part of the delivery scope. Approval timelines and any associated fees are subject to Apple and Google policies. Additional charges apply for creating and managing other publisher accounts.

8. Mobile-Only Versions Support

The platform is optimized for mobile use. While it can be accessed via tablets or other devices, full support is provided for iOS and Android mobile versions.

9. Minimum Versions for Android and iOS

The platform supports Android versions [11.0 and above] and iOS versions [16.6 and above]. Compatibility with older versions is not guaranteed.

10. Updates Cycles

Regular updates enhance platform performance and security. Clients will receive advance notice of planned maintenance or updates.

11. Support

Basic support covers technical assistance and bug fixes. Extended support plans are available for additional features, consultation, and priority assistance.

12. Contact

For inquiries, support, or change requests, contact our sales team at business@hyperhuman.cc. We aim to respond within 48 business hours.

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By purchasing the whitelabled version of the Health & Fitness Club app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Whitelabeled Training App by Hyperhuman